Friday, July 24, 2015

Day 99 - Summit Lake

Thursday July 23

When I start hiking in the morning, I rarely have a specific destination in mind. Rather, I know that I have to hike a minimum number of miles in order to make it to my next resupply without running out of food. For this section, I need to average 21.6 miles per day. I usually try to hike additional miles in the first several days so that on the last day there are fewer miles to hike to reach my destination. 

This morning I knew that the availability of water was going to be a determining factor. A reliable water source was 19.4 miles away, with the one after that another 9 miles. I planned to go to the first source at 19.4 miles. If I felt good and still had plenty of water to drink, I would go on to the next water source. If I was tired or didn't think I could hike another 9 miles, I would fill up and carry an extra 1.5 liters so I could dry camp. 

The trail this morning headed down the mountain and into the forest. There were very few views, and when I could see out, I saw more tree-covered hills. I got to Windigo pass at 11:30. Someone had left a cache of water! I only needed to fill my 16 oz bottle and had not used any of the other 2 liters I was carrying. This is what the cache looks like.

From here the trail climbed 1,400 feet. Halfway up was the trail to the first water source, but I was feeling good and decided to try to make it to Summit Lake. Once over the top, the trail dropped almost 2,000 feet. I arrived at the lake and found a campsite by 4. I had beans and rice for dinner, seasoned with "slap yo mama". It was yummy! I took this picture a few feet from my campsite.

I am camped at PCT mile 1896.1. I hiked 29.2 miles today. The elevation here is 5,462 feet. 


  1. Looks like a beautiful spot, Dad! Glad you enjoyed the spice mix. Feel free to let us know if you need any more and we can arrange to get it into one of your resupply boxes.

  2. Quick question I've been curious about... Do you have a little tri-pod for picture taking or are there enough hikers around to ask to take a picture for you? Or maybe you really are magic, like I've been thinking the past few months, and have the ability to make the camera get these stunning shots of you on this beautiful adventure of yours?
    Looks pretty warm, what has the weather been doing in Southern Oregon? Cooled down a bit I hope!

    Stay safe, hydrated, and rested!
    Love you, Daddy!!

    Little a

  3. Glad to hear you found water! and are well. See you soon! I love you, Valorie