Thursday, July 2, 2015

Day 77 - Burney Falls

Wednesday July 1

Willie left the trail today. It may be for just a few days or maybe longer. His hip has been hurting him every night now for several days. He probably will go and get an X-ray to see what the problem is. 

We have hiked together since entering the high Sierras. I enjoyed our time together. It's hard to find someone who has similar habits and walks at the same pace. I liked sharing the sights and discoveries. I remember celebrating the crossing of Forester Pass and when we reached the half-way point. In town, it was fun sharing a room. We would take turns with laundry duty. And it was always nice to have a friend when eating out. I will miss him. When I said goodbye and walked away, I cried. 

We did spend the morning hiking together. We stopped briefly at the Wild Bird Cache, had a soda and signed our names on their table top.

We arrived at Burney Falls State Park at 10. I got my resupply box and bought a few more snacks. Willie was trying to call a friend to come pick him up, but he had little phone service. He was going to try calling from the Visitors Center. The falls were spectacular, although it's hard to tell from this picture.

I headed back to the trail just before noon. There was a significant climb which kept my mind occupied. I hiked until 6 and have a campsite with a fabulous view of Shasta.

I miss having Willie here to share the view!

I am camped tonight at PCT mile 1439.9. I hiked 27.2 miles today. The elevation here is 5,345 feet. 


  1. Bummer about Willie !!

  2. We'll miss hearing about Willie too! It was so fun when his family met up with you guys in town. You're right to say that you can't hike his hike though.
    I'll tell you what, keep entering on this blog and you'll never be alone- you have so many people 'with' you on this journey now, Bob!! We're all cheering for you!!

  3. I believe that the two