Saturday, July 4, 2015

Day 80 - Dunsmuir

Saturday July 4

I love town days! I especially love it when it is the Fourth of July. 

I tried to sleep in this morning, but the sky was so pretty and Mount Shasta was getting ready to greet the morning sun. I have been "cowboy camping" the last three nights, so I was able to pack quickly.

I had just over 4 miles to go before I arrived at the freeway. My right foot was still sore from the blister, so I took my time. 

I arrived and called the Shasta Taxi. They picked me up within 15 minutes and I was in town shortly after 8.

Since my check-in time at the Dunsmuir Lodge wasn't until noon, I went to breakfast at the Cornerstone Bakery & Cafe!  Their omelette and red potatoes were wonderful. 

After breakfast, I checked out the laundromat, to make sure they were still in business, and the post office, to verify their hours of operation, and then walked down to the Dunsmuir Lodge. This is what the motel looks like from the street.

I was told to check back at 1, so I sat out on their lawn and gathered my dirty laundry. I quickly stripped down out of my dirty hiking gear. I hope no one was watching! I had just gathered everything together when the motel manager, Eric, came out and said that he had a room ready!  Good thing he didn't come a few minutes earlier or he might have sent me packing!

I decided the first order of business was to finish getting my laundry done. For those who are not hikers, that means wearing my rain gear so that I can wash all of my hiking clothes and underwear. My rain gear was hot since it was in the mid-90's today!

It took almost two hours to wash and dry my clothes. While they were washing, I had lunch at the Burger Barn. The cheese burger and fries were delicious!

While most of my clothes were in the dryer, I pulled out my underwear and hiking clothes and changed while in the laundromat. My hiking clothes dry really quickly in the warm air, so I don't need to run them through the dryer.  I really hope there was no camera in the laundromat as naked guy got into more comfortable clothes! Fortunately no one else was around and no one came to arrest me. 

I got back to my room and took a much needed shower. I also stopped at the convenience store for some beer and some snacks for the trail. Gosh, a cool beer (or three) sure hit the spot!

I attended  the "Jazz in the Canyon" concert by Allison Scull and Victor Martin to celebrate the Fourth of July ( It started late for me (6 PM), but I can sleep in tomorrow! Victor Martin was absolutely fabulous on the saxophone! I understand that Allison Scull is well known in the jazz community, but I didn't think she was singing her best. (

I also stopped by the Dunsmuir Brewery Works to listen to Sonido Alegre. Their music was interesting, but not as well done as Allison & Victor. Besides, I sat in the dining area for over half an hour and was never served. Perhaps my hiker garb meant that I wasn't interested in a beer?

I headed to the local pizza house and had a small all-meat pizza. I shared a piece with an older lady who appeared to be homeless. I think she appreciated it. 

I am staying tonight at the Dunsmuir Lodge. I don't have to wear my sun hat and mosquito net tonight! Yippee!


  1. Happy Independence Day, Bobby! So happy you are taking a zero day tomorrow in this terrific heat. I love you. <3

  2. Dang, no photo of the bear! I love the cairns though. I looked through the little flower books but all I can say is that your flower looks like a lily. It's not a glacier lily though. Love ya, Valorie