Friday, July 3, 2015

Day 78 - Roller Coaster Trail

Thursday July 2

I saw a black bear today! I rounded a corner on the trail, and the bear was walking up the trail. It was startled to see me. Fortunately it was headed to Canada, because it took off running and left me in a cloud of dust. I had forgotten how big a full-grown bear looks up close! Good thing it was a wild one and ran away. 

I got on the trail at 5:20. It was just getting light. The trail seemed like a roller coaster. It would go up and then down. It wound around and around the hills. And then it would go up and down again. 

At times the trail plowed through grass and ferns. Yes, there is a trail going through the brush.

I noticed these flowers growing alongside the trail. Does anyone know what they are?

There were several good views of Mount Shasta.

It was hot again today; probably in the 90's. I paid close attention to the water sources. 

By 4 I was looking for a place to camp. But wouldn't you know it, the trail was following a steep hillside. I finally found a spot at 5:30. 

I texted Willie to find out what was happening. He is staying with a friend. He didn't say anything about his hip. I hope he isn't just resting. He needs to see a doctor!

Of course there is always a tame deer here and there!

I am camped tonight at PCT mile 1471.0. I hiked 31.1 miles today. The elevation here is 3,466 feet. 

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