I began gathering my gear in preparation for a through-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail in 2015. After several test hikes during the summer, and much research, I have chosen the following gear for my 2015 hike of the Pacific Crest Trail.

Item Description Cost Weight
Backpack ULA Catalyst $296 48 oz
Sleeping Bag & stuff sack ZPacks 10 Degree Sleeping Bag with draft tube & Stuff sack $450 28.8 oz
Sleeping Pad Thermarest NeoAir Xlite Sleeping Pad & sack $138 13.6 oz
Tent ZPacks Hexamid Solo-Plus w/ groundsheet, tie lines, titanium stakes & sack $475 19.6 oz
Sit Pad Polycryo groundsheet $15 1.6
Cooking system JetBoil Sol & fuel (full cannister) $90 19.3 oz
Water Purification Bleach (2 drops per liter) $2 2 oz
Camera Mount StickPic $14 0.5 oz
Stuff Sack (Food) ZPacks Roll Top Blast Food Bag $30 1.4 oz
Stuff Sack (Clothing) Sea to Summit Ultra Sil Dry Sack 6.5L $11 0.6 oz
Stuff Sack (Electronics) Sea to Summit Ultra Sil Dry Sack 6.5L $11 0.6 oz
Headlamp Black Diamond Icon Headlamp & batteries $67 8.2 oz
Towel Two small hand towels 1.2 oz
Rehydrating container Ziploc twist N lock $2 1.6 oz
Water Bag Sawyer 32 oz $12 1.3 oz
Water Bag Platypus 2L Water bladder $8 1.76 oz
Water Bottle Gatorade 32oz Plastic Disposable 1.7 oz
Water Bottle Vitamin water 16 oz 1.5 oz
Water Bottle Empty bottle used to refill Sawyer bag 1.2 oz
Headphones & adapter cord Fits iPhone 1.1 oz
iPhone Charger & Cord Plug-in adapter & charging cord 1.4 oz
Umbrella $25 9.7
Camera Samsung WB350F with 21X zoom $450 9
External Portable Battery New Trent PowerPak+ 13500mAh Portable Dual USB Port $45 11.4 oz
Personal Locator Device SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger $300 4.1 oz
Waterproof Bag Liner Trash Compactor Bag $1 2.6 oz
Toiletries / Personal Care / First Aid / Miscellaneous
Toothpaste, toothbrush, DEET, toilet paper, soap, vaseline, floss 10.1
Blister treatment, ACE bandage, bandaids, ibuprophin, day quil, wet ones 4.8 oz
Mosquito head net, 50' cord, extra lighter, thermarest patch kit, velcro 3.1 oz
Clothing in Pack
Rain Jacket Zpacks Challenger  $260 5.9 oz
Rain Pants Frogg Toggs $20 4.2 oz
Insulating Jacket Mountain Hardware Ghost Whisperer $320 6 oz
Extra Socks Darn Tuff, Large, Hike/Trek, Micro Crew Light Cushion $20 1.2 oz
Pajama Top Icebreaker Marino Wool Long Sleeve $75 7.2 oz
Pajama Bottom Icebreaker Marino Wool Leggings $60 5.4 oz
Gloves $30 2.2 oz
Warm Hat Beanie $20 2.1 oz
Sleep Socks SmartWool Heavy Cushion $10 2.8 oz
Underwear Under Armour Boxer Shorts $20 3.8 oz
Sunglasses Unbreakable frame & lens $30 0.6 oz
BPW: 15.8 lbs
Clothing/Gear Used While Hiking (not in pack)
Shoes Vasque Pendulum, size 12, green $110
Shoe inserts Montrail Enduro-Sole heat-moldable $40
Hiking Poles Black Diamond Trail Back Trekking Poles $67
Underwear Under Armour Boxer Shorts $20
Long sleeve shirt Rail Riders Madison River Shirt with Insect Shield, medium $79
Pants Rail Riders Men's Eco-Mesh Pant with Insect Shield, large 30" inseam $86
Socks Darn Tuff, Large, Hike/Trek, Micro Crew Light Cushion $20
Hat Outdoor Research $20
Knife Leatherman CS $20
Phone & case iPhone 5c & Lifeproof case $270 6.04 oz
Gaiters Dirty Girl Gaiters $21 1.2 oz

Temporary Gear Used in Various Sections of Trails
Bear Canister Bearikade BV500 $65 1 lbs 15 oz
MicroSpikes Katoola MICROspikes $60 16.4 oz
Ice Axe Corsa Camp $80 9.8 oz

Tent: ZPacks Hexamid Solo Plus.
I was attracted to this tent because it is very light weight. It requires the use of a hiking pole for support. The tent material does not stretch when wet. The only complaint I have is that it can be somewhat breezy inside during windy weather. The set up video shows how it goes up.

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  1. So, Bob, you don't use trekking poles for the tougher hikes? Just curious. I keep debating purchasing them, and wondering if I would use them, or if they would get in the way. Thanks, and best of luck to you!