Friday, July 3, 2015

Day 79 - Blisters Again

Friday July 3

I have two blisters!

I'm not complaining, it's just surprising to me that after all the miles I've walked I would get blisters now. I have one near my heel on my right foot, and one near my big toe on my left foot. I'm sure it's because I have increased the number of miles recently, as well as the hours spent hiking each day. I have them popped and taped. And, I have a zero day coming up the day after tomorrow, so my feet should get some rest. 

I'm also delighted because it is my son's birthday! I scurried up a big climb so that I would have telephone service. I got to talk to him about the trail and of course wished him a "Happy Birthday". He mentioned that his friend has a small airplane, and they might fly in somewhere and do "trail magic". That would be incredible!

I got on the trail at 5:15 this morning. The hiking was easy, and I thought it was a short distance to the McCloud River, a major river with good campsites. Another hiker asked me last night if I was going to camp at the river. It's a good thing I found a good spot earlier, because it was over 5 more miles to the river!

The trail was very well maintained and the grade was perfect for keeping a good pace. In a couple of damp areas I came across "umbrella" plants!

The other good thing today was the weather. It was cloudy most of the day which kept the temperature in the 70's. It made the hiking much more pleasant. At the top of the mountain I got my first look at Castle Crags.

When I had phone service, I also called the Dunsmuir Lodge to reserve a room. It's a good thing I did, because the first two places I called were totally booked. I got the last room at the lodge! I also called the local taxi service to confirm that they were working on the Fourth of July. They are and can provide transportation from interstate 5 to Dunsmuir for $25. 

I am camped tonight at PCT mile 1501.8. I hiked 30.8 miles today. The elevation here is 3,875 feet. 


  1. Yes, Happy Birthday to Paul! We can never forget Paul's birthday; Cody & I met at your house at Paul's birthday party in 1986! :) You & Val raised some good kiddos, by the way!

    Sounds like a day of rest would do you & your feet some good! Thank goodness you called ahead and can look forward to the room in Dunsmuir!

  2. Sorry to hear you have blisters, but glad to know that you haven't been pestered by them for awhile. Heal, darling! Love ya, Valorie