Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Day 124 - Zero Day at Home

Monday August 17

After sleeping in a tent for over 120 days, it seems odd to sleep in a bed! I am taking a zero day today. No hiking; only rest! Of course I woke up at 5 even though I could have slept later. 

It is difficult to take a zero day at home. Everything is so familiar. I took a shower even though I wasn't dirty. How odd is that? I even took time to pay bills and fiddle around with my home PC. 

I took my sleeping bag outside and let it bake in the sun. It should be much warmer the next time I use it!

I figured that I needed 4 days of food to get from Rainy Pass to the Canadian border. The plan is to drop me off later tomorrow at the Rainy Pass trailhead. I hope to hike for several hours tomorrow. 

I spent a few hours this morning to organize my food and went to the store in Black Diamond to get a few extra snacks. It was the first time that I had driven a car in four months!

Of course, I had to enjoy a cold beer as I sat outside on the deck!

I am anxious about the final section to the border. Perhaps it is the same feeling I get every time I leave town to get back on the trail. The other concern is with the weather. It looks like more cloudy or rainy weather is in the forecast. I just have to deal with it!

My wife plans on taking a road trip while I hike the trail, and then meet me at Manning Park. 

It is hard for me to believe that I will be done with the trail in a few days. What an adventure this has been!

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