Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Day 82 - Castle Crags - Where am I?

Monday July 6

Yesterday I ended my blog with a list of things I was worried about. Lets see what transpired. 

Will both my boxes be at the post office? Yes, both were there. I got there just as they opened. Everyone was interested in my hike and had a lot of questions. 

Will I find enough snacks for the next five days? Yes. I only had to buy three Snickers bars. 

Will I be able to get in enough miles with a big climb and a late start? Yes I did, but I had to hike until 7:30. I hiked 22.3 miles. 

Will my feet feel OK? Not really. The blisters are still tender. The one on my right foot is in a place where occasionally a rock will push against it. Hiking for 9.5 hours left me with tired feet!

I was feeling really anxious to get going this morning. When I went to put on one of my gaiters, I noticed the metal clip was missing. The clip slips under the shoelace to hold the gaiter in place. I suspected that it came off when I was doing laundry. So, on my way to breakfast, I stopped by the laundromat. I found it! Now I have a new sewing project. 

After picking up my resupply boxes, I walked back to the motel and sorted out my meals and snacks. I have five days of food to get me to Etna, my next resupply town. I also put together a hiker box. When checking out, I asked Eric, the manager, if it was possible to get a ride back to the trail. He said "Sure!"  I paid him $5 for gas and arrived at the trail at 10. 

After heading up the wrong trail at the start, I got back to the correct trail and was on my way. Water is a potential problem on this section so I checked for reliable sources. Just after Indian Springs the next reliable source is 24 miles! When I reached Indian Springs, there was a sign saying "Don't Drink the Water". There had been a fire here and they used a fire suppression agent that had gotten into the water. Fortunately there was another stream just up the trail!

A short time later, I got to a four-way trail junction, but didn't see a sign for the PCT. However, the trail heading up the mountain looked heavily used, and since I knew there was a big climb, up I went. There were a lot of people on the trail, and having "trail" legs, I was passing them fairly quickly. There were some great views of the Castle Crags.

After going up rather steeply for a mile, the trail came to a junction. Neither of the trails were the PCT. I pulled out my phone and checked my GPS location on the map. I was nowhere near the trail! I had made a bad decision a mile back! I felt so foolish! So, down I went. The PCT was poorly marked, and I had wasted an hour on the wrong trail. 

I planned to hike until 6:30 which would have given me nearly 20 miles for the day. I now needed to hike for another hour!

I finally found a campsite at 7:30. I am camped at PCT mile 1528.8. The elevation here is 6,868 feet. This is my view.


  1. More beautiful photos! Wonderful. Sorry to hear that you are still being troubled by blisters. I just sent your box to Crater Lake -- over 100 miles late. Sorry about that. On the other hand, i was able to get your Leukotape P into the box, so there's that.

    Finally a bit cooler here today; mid-80s. Back to the 90s tomorrow though. :-(

    I love you. <3

  2. Looks like a beautiful view. Hopefully the trail today is/was better marked!