Friday, July 17, 2015

Day 92 - Ashland Day of Rest

Thursday July 16

I was sound asleep last night at 10 PM when the phone rang. Who would be calling?  It was Willie! He had left Callihan's at 10 AM yesterday morning, hiked all day and was in his tent. He is doing well. His doctor said it was OK to keep hiking and the numbness in his leg was common in people carrying backpacks all day. It was good to hear his voice; I just wish the call would have come a week ago. It looks like I will be two days behind him for a while.

I had breakfast again at the Morning Glory restaurant. Their French toast with fresh blackberries and lemon butter was superb!

I contacted the taxi service and arranged to be picked up tomorrow at 6. I need to put in a 25 mile day tomorrow in order to get to Crater Lake by Monday afternoon. 

I felt antsy all morning, so I decided to walk downtown. I noticed several hair salons were open with the sign, "walk-ins welcome". 

The Sunshine Salon had an opening with only a half-hour wait, so I waited to get my hair and beard cut. I guess I won't have to hack at my beard after all! 

Mary was the stylist who helped me. She did a wonderful job and was very interested in my through hike. I really like her and the staff at the salon! I hope you like my new look as well.

I had lunch at the Stone Brewing Company. Their cheese burger, sweet potato fries and double IPA beer was wonderful. 

I decided to sit by the pool at the motel because it was a beautiful warm day. At the other end of the pool was Windscreen! He had decided to take a "zero" day and was staying at the motel.

In addition, Hog and Tinker were here too!  We lounged there until dinner time, when we all decided to have dinner at the Stone Brewing Company. We were joined there by Magic and Poka-Dot. The food and beer were great!

I had their fish and chips, which were really tasty. However, by the end of dinner I realized that I had too much to drink. I even left the restaurant without my hat! Fortunately, Windscreen grabbed it and the mile walk back to the motel helped to clear my mind. 

Tomorrow I am back on the trail. It has been a fun time in Ashland!

Note: you can read more about Mary, my barber, at:

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  1. Love the new look! And I think it's great that you and Willy have made peace. Nice to see you enjoying yourself with a bunch of friends. <3