Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Day 98 - Mount Thielsen Wilderness

Wednesday July 22

I fell asleep last night in my hiking clothes. I used my sleeping bag as a cover as I slept on my air mattress. By morning, however, it was really chilly and I bundled tighter and tighter in my sleeping bag. I was too tired to zip it up or to rummage through my clothes bag for my down jacket. Perhaps tonight I will wear my jacket!

The other oddity last night was how quiet it was. Usually I will hear birds or snapping branches. I heard nothing. There wasn't any wind either. I wonder if the lack of water has a significant impact on animal populations?

I got up a bit later and was on the trail just before 6. It was easy hiking with the trail pretty level for many miles. Unfortunately the trail passed through a pine forest with no view, so it was somewhat boring. I think I was also recovering from yesterday's excitement. 

At 9 I entered the Thielsen Wilderness. I remember seeing Mount Thielsen from the air on our flight yesterday. It didn't look very impressive then, but it looks pretty awesome from the trail.

At one of the high points, I could just make out the snowy tops of the Three Sisters mountains.

By 12:30 I made it to Thielsen creek, the first water source since leaving Crater Lake. Since the next reliable source isn't for 16 miles, I decided to carry another 1.5 liters so I can dry camp tonight. 

I also made it to the high point for the PCT in Oregon, 7,560 feet.

I stopped early because I found a good camping spot and I already had almost 24 miles for today. The extra bonus is that I have phone service!

I am camped at PCT mile 1866.9. The elevation here is 7,386 feet. 


  1. The lake is SO PRETTY! It sounds like you had a great "break", even if it wasn't very long. It's amazing what good company does for the mind and spirit! I'm so glad Paul was able to make the trip and get a little trail magic your way! I wish I could have been there to see you and participate in your wonderful day,Dad! I miss you and hope to see you soon. Keep strong and love you more than you know!


  2. I am so happy there are more photos with YOU in them!! The views are amazing and beautiful, but when you get to be in the photo with the pretty view or plant, it makes the photo sixty times better! Face it Dad, we want to see the views too, but it's that lovely head of yours with your smile that make us all come back for the story of the daY. I still don't know how you walk/ok it's really hiking 30.0 miles (+ most days!!!!)! I want to see your face and make sure you're still okay. I'm not worried that you can't do it, because I think you have already proven that you're in this to the end! We love you and want to make sure you can get the best care if it ever be needed down the trail at some point.

    I love you Daddy! Can hardly wait to see you in the next few weeks...month or so until you get close enough for us to bug you 😘

    a ❤️ You!!

  3. I'm so happy that the trail magic trip went well! I feel SO far away at this point, on the other side of the world. However, I hope to see you in less than two weeks. Gosh, I felt great that we walked almost 8 miles yesterday. But of course you put us in the shadow even on an "off" day, lol! Love ya, Valorie

  4. Gosh it's pretty! I agree with Anne -- more selfies! Love ya Bobby, Valorie

  5. What a wonderful escape for you all! You've been attached to the trail for so long, it must have felt like an out of body experience to be so high above it in the airplane.

  6. Now that's what I'm talking about, Dad! Those pictures (with you in them) are absolutely stunning! At first sight they look photoshopped! You know it's a beautiful shot when you keep looking at it to find fault and can't find it!! Most of all, I must say, I love to see your smiling face upon a beautiful background! The places you are seeing must be on many people's "bucket lists" as they are so (sorry to keep repeating the same thing...... But.....) BEAUTIFUL! I can see why this entire trail is worth hiking and why people take the time to travel the entire thing! Pictures can't replace the actual memory but they sure can help spread the word of how special it truly is! Please keep sharing it with YOUR WORLD! I like being part of your world, Dad!

    Love You!!