Sunday, July 5, 2015

Day 81 - Dunsmuir Day of Rest

Sunday July 5

Today was "fix-it" day. There have been several little sewing projects that I have been putting off for a day like today. 

My Dirty Girl gaiters are wonderful, and I highly suggest that anyone doing a long hike should get a pair. I wear them every day to keep rocks and sand out of my shoes. They attach to the back of my shoe using Velcro.  A small strip of Velcro hook is glued to the back of my shoe, and the gaiter comes with a piece of Velcro loop sewn onto the back. Over time, the Velcro loop threads break, and if not repaired, will result in the Velcro loop pulling free from the gaiter. Here's what it looked like before the repair.

I used dental floss as my thread. It is tough and resists breaking. I sewed it back together and now it works like new.

My second sewing project was to repair a small tear in the bug netting of my tent. I accidentally tore the netting on the floor while setting it up. I think that's how some of the ants were getting into the tent. Again, dental floss was my thread and it repaired the damage. 

My third sewing project was to repair the stuff bag for my Therma-rest air mattress. The threads holding the bag together had started to come apart. A few stitches with dental floss fixed it. 

My next project was simply to wash my Therma-rest air mattress. Everything that is used on the trail gets filthy. I could see dirt smudges all over my mattress. So, just like me, the mattress got a bath! It's amazing how much nicer if looks when clean!

I also gave my sun hat a washing in the sink. It too was filthy!

The other excitement this morning was a house fire. I don't know if it was caused by fireworks, but it was the talk of the town when I went to breakfast this morning.

It's hard for me to just relax. I keep worrying about tomorrow. Will both my boxes be at the post office? Will I find enough snacks for the next five days? Will I be able to get in enough miles with a big climb, heavy pack and a late start? Will my feet feel OK?

I should just trust that tomorrow's problems will take care of themselves. I find my emotions are quick to emerge. For some reason I feel lonely today. Perhaps it's because I am so accustomed to having company while in town!

I have a big day tomorrow! Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck, Bob- you will look back someday and be amazed at how strong you are at this moment in time; you've trained for this and can trust the process now. You have an awesome family, so many friends and lots and lots of supporters- they're just a little farther away, that's all!

  2. Good luck today!

  3. So happy that you got both those boxes. Sweated blood about that! Lovely to hear that the dental floss worked for you. Aren't you glad you took some? Hopefully you are flossing with it too! Love ya, Valorie