Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Day 90 - Oregon!

Tuesday July 14

I stood there, filled with emotion - joy, gratitude, relief. I was overwhelmed as tears came. I looked up. The sign said, "Oregon / California".

I knew I would reach Oregon when I got on the trail this morning. It was 14 miles, a long way to hike. It was foggy in some places and chilly in the wind. I must have walked right passed a bear, because another hiker a few minutes behind me got a great video of the bear on the trail. 

I know I was getting close when I passed an old building just above Donohue Meadows.

In the middle of a steady climb, I saw the sign and trail register.

As I continued into Oregon, I kid you not, clouds and fog closed in. For a while the fog was really thick. I've heard that the trail in Oregon is easier, and most hikers see their first 30-mile days here. Of course I've already seen 30-mile days several times already!

I plan to resupply in Ashland. I needed to do enough miles today so I can reach Interstate 5 where I hope to hitch a ride into town. 

I am camped tonight at PCT mile 1718. I hiked 34 miles today. The elevation here is 6,459 feet. 


  1. Welcome to Oregon!!!

  2. Thank you. I still can't believe I'm here!

  3. Wow. I can't believe you've reached Oregon so quickly. I think you really are trying to set a record for the 65+ class!

    I love you,


  4. Holy smokes, Oregon at last! What a fantastic achievement! We hope you're celebrating this milestone tonight in only the way a thru-hiker can- with Fritos and olive oil! ;) Just kidding! If it helps, we paused on this milestone in honor of you!

  5. Cody & I were JUST talking about how hard it must be to take a picture of yourself on the trail b/c no one is around. You're doing quite well though; when you share pictures with you in them, it doesn't look like you need more practice, they're looking great! We have to impress upon you how valuable those pictures will be later... to you, to your kids and to your grandkids; they will mean more than any landscape image could ever mean... trust us & keep shooting!

  6. :) Thank you for your (funny) response. Interesting how just a short distance apart and a similar pace could keep people completely isolated.