Friday, May 1, 2015

Day 15 - Back to the trail from Big Bear

Thursday, April 30

Mama and Papa Smirf fixed us a wonderful breakfast of eggs, sausage, potatoes and waffles. They then took us grocery shopping at Von's in Big Bear. I found everything I needed for the next five days on the trail. This is a picture of Mama and Papa Smirf.

I really enjoyed my stay here. I just wish more hikers would pitch in and help. I swept and emptied garbage, but there was a lot more that needed to be done.

We left for the trail at 10:45 and I was hiking by 11.

The trail had only one climb of about 800 feet and then was up and down as it wound through pine forests.

There often were areas with pretty flowers.

This is the first time I had seen a Joshua tree. The Joshua tree produces showy blooms which are pollinated by yucca moths, who lay their eggs in the flowers. The moth deliberately pollinates the tree so that seeds will develop, which in turn will feed the caterpillars. Some Joshua trees were much bigger than the one in my photo.

As I crested a ridge, I could see Big Bear lake, Sugarloaf Mountain, and San Gorgonio mountain.

Today was the first time that I encountered a large rattle snake beside the trail. I had seen other snakes before as they slithered away. But this one was coiled and ready to strike. I tried to get a picture but it blended into the shadows.

I made a huge mistake today in buying my resupplies. I packed way too many munchies and my pack was way too heavy. I tried all of the adjustments but it became very uncomfortable. I barely made it to my campsite by 6:30.

I ate a big dinner and will eat some snacks for breakfast.

I am camped at Holcomb Creek, elevation 6,490 feet.

Drat...there a mosquitoes out and I am cowboy camping. I hate that high pitched whine as they look for exposed flesh!

I am at PCT mile 286.1.


  1. valoriezimmermanMay 1, 2015 at 1:57 PM

    Heh, I'm not surprised you forgot the Joshua Trees that my parents had in the front planters of their house. The poor things looked so out-of-place. And illegal - no idea what they were thinking!

    I'm still worried that you are moving too fast. Please take time to enjoy your hike! I went back and changed all the big photos on past posts to 600x600. What about the little ones?

  2. I wanna come join you on the trail for about an hour. Then go home. Everyday you are doing these nutty miles!
    I'd like to send the "Smurfs" a thank you card and maybe a bottle of wine for taking everyone in all of the time! What a cool couple! Did you get their address?


  3. Just looked at the map again to see where Wrightwood is and you are still a few days out. But I do know they have a little post office there. It's a little town, very pretty area!


  4. Marsha Edwards GoodwinMay 2, 2015 at 8:32 AM

    Hi Bob! What an amazing experience you're having. I look for your post everyday with great anticipation. Thanks so much for sharing. You have a lot of friends out here rooting for you & wishing we could help share the load!