Monday, May 18, 2015

Day 31 - The Driest Section of the PCT

Saturday, May 16

The wind never let up last night. It was a cold wind that brought in low clouds for a foggy morning.

More Cowbell, Lost and Found, and I all hiked together, hitting the trail at 6:10. Since it was so foggy, we really couldn't see what we were hiking through. And, the downside was that all the little plants along the trail were wet, so soon our feet were wet. This was our view for most of the morning.

By ten, we arrived at Robin Bird Spring. The spring is fenced off to keep cattle from fouling the water.

I got a couple of liters of water and then cooked lunch/dinner. I got a picture of Lost and Found (standing) and Origami (sitting).

At about 1 PM the sun came out. I noticed lots of these flowers in bloom along the trail.

Although I had 3 liters of water, I needed to get 3 more since the next reliable source of water is almost 40 miles away!

Unfortunately, the only upcoming water was 1.5 miles off trail at Willow Spring. The trail dropped down over 600 feet and followed a gulley where I had to scramble down large rocks. When I finally got to the water, it was in a cattle trough. There was algae floating on top, but the water underneath was clear. I drank over a liter of my existing water, and got 3 more liters. That should allow me 4 liters for tomorrow and two for the following day.

By the time I had got the water and rejoined the PCT, it was time to set up camp.

I hiked for 13 hours today and have been on the trail for a month!

I am camped at PCT mile 621.9. The elevation here is 5,233 feet.

By the way, did you notice?

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