Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Day 37 - Sierra Snow

Friday, May 22

The snow that fell last night didn't stick but there were frozen droplets on the tent. Unfortunately I didn't sleep well. Even though I had several jackets on, I wasn't warm. The only way I felt somewhat warm was to sleep in a fetal position. Plus I had to get up three times to heed the call of nature. In addition there was a bird that made a "arrack, arrack" call all night long. I could have wrung its neck!

I was on the trail by 6:15 and finished the climb I was too tired to do yesterday. I stopped for water and cooked lunch/dinner at 10:30. It was sunny so I briefly aired out my sleeping bag. But the clouds were moving in. 

The next section of trail climbed back above 10,000 feet. I feel so sluggish and it is getting me down. I am seriously considering NOT climbing Mt Whitney because I am moving so slowly uphill. 

But the big surprise came when it started snowing!  At first it was a few flakes and then it came down in harder and harder. 
I had on my raincoat and rain pants but it put me in a foul mood. Can I really complete this section; this hike? I am moving so slowly and am so tired. Shouldn't it be getting easier to climb hills? I really need some words of encouragement. 

The snow continued for several hours. 
I was worried that it would completely cover the trail. In addition, there is no way to know how long this may last. Could a couple of feet of snow be on its way?

I decided to head to Diaz Creek, about four miles down the trail. About a half mile before getting there, I noticed a lady setting up her tent. There was plenty of space for mine too. 

There was a brief sun break so I got everything set up before the snow started falling again. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. 

I am camped at PCT mile 740.9. The elevation here is 9,699 feet. 

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