Thursday, May 14, 2015

Day 29 - Zero Day in Tehachapi

Thursday, May 14

A "zero" day is defined as a day when no hiking is done. You walk a total of zero miles. Today was one of those days.

When you are in town, there's always talk about the trail among the hikers. At this juncture, there's a lot of discussion regarding water availability in the next section. There is also a lot of talk about the weather since another storm is coming tonight and tomorrow, bringing rain and snow.

It was odd getting up this morning and taking a shower! I wasn't even dirty. I headed out for breakfast at the Village Grill restaurant, since they open at 5:30.

The western omelette with country potatoes was delicious.

I then returned to the motel and remembered that they had a free breakfast buffet. So what did I do? I had a second breakfast!

And, since I will be getting back on the trail again early tomorrow morning, I took a breakfast sandwich, cinnamon roll and a banana to eat early tomorrow morning.

Back at the motel room, I laid out my food plan. I need to buy 6 more days of food since I already have a day of food. I calculate that it will take 7 days to get to Kennedy Meadows.

More Cowbell and I headed to the Albertsons store which was about 1 1/2 miles away. I found everything I needed and came back to organize it.

I managed to cram it all into my food bag and then packed everything into my backpack. It feels heavy, but it always does when leaving town with a full load of water as well.

Before noon I was hungry AGAIN! Gee whiz, will I ever get enough?

I managed to take a nap for an hour until my stomach told me it was lunch time. I wanted to try a hamburger from the Burger Spot, but when I got there it was closed. So I walked down to the Apple Shed and had their huge hamburger and potato wedges.

It has been showery since noon, so I was glad to be wearing my rain jacket. We might even see snow tomorrow since the trail takes us over 6,000 feet.

More Cowbell came in at 4:30 and said we were invited to come over to the hot tub next door to relax with some other hikers. I was hesitant at first, but More Cowbell said "come on, live a little", so I went. I am so glad I did! Although I didn't have any official swimming trunks, my black underwear served just fine. The water was wonderfully warm. While we were there, it was raining and then hailing! We all had hail stones in our hair.

Afterwards, More Cowbell and I had dinner at the Village Grill Restaurant.

As always, I feel apprehensive about returning to the trail tomorrow. Perhaps it has something to do with leaving the comfort of the town? Or maybe it has something to do with the "adventure"!


  1. Debbie. StrattonMay 15, 2015 at 5:57 AM


  2. valoriezimmermanMay 15, 2015 at 2:50 PM

    In case you didn't get my text: mashed potatoes and etc. are on their way to Independence. They should arrive next Thursday. Next time you have a last minute request, please mention when you need the stuff so I know whether or not to pay extra for faster shipping.

    Love you! <3

  3. valoriezimmermanMay 15, 2015 at 3:13 PM

    OMG, you are so ahead of schedule! It's already time to send your boxes for 5/26. I hope they reach you in time, Mr. Speed Demon! <3

  4. I remember driving down to Arizona with Nickki and Kaylie (back in 1998/99??) somewhere around there, and going through Tahachapi was a trippy and kinda freaky!! Cool looking but almost scary at the same time. You don't see too many wind farms around these parts 😮😐😶😏(duh, Anne!)
    Daddy! I can still hardly contemplate how far and how much of every day you are walking/hiking! When I talk about your trip people are blown away that you are doing it! Especially right after you retired! So much for relaxing, huh?
    But honestly I think you have inspired my coworker get on the trails with her husband. And this summer want to do the wonderland trail around rainier! If I had to guess what spurred the idea, MY BRAVE BOLD CRAZY PAPA!
    I love you Daddy! I hope that new belt is helping with the pack and your back pain is getting lessened, I hope.
    From now on I will try to keep my comments shorter because I have heard that I have a tendency to ramble on and not even notice until someone screams at me. I don't want to bother anyone. I want to chit chat to my dad, that's all. Really!
    Rest now my sweet Dad, I say take a week in Maui then go back to the trail....? Yes? But me a ticket and I will meet you In Maui!
    I love you Pops! Stay hydrated, eat enough, keep taking lots of pictures. All those butts mooning the camera were funny! Why don't you moon the camera?!

    Love litte a

  5. "Zero" days in my Anne days are my favorite days! I have zero days every day. ;dad I guess you can refer to me as a zero. Relates in many ways! Rarely do I have a "nearo"