Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Day 14 - Trail to Big Bear

Wednesday, April 29

Last night it was cold. Fortunately there was no wind. My water bottle didn't freeze, but I am sure it was near freezing.

The moonlight last night was amazing. I could have hiked by the light of the moon.

I was on the trail by 5:45. It was the perfect trail for high miles. By that I mean it was mostly flat or down hill.

This area has quite a number of Western Junipers. Their bark is very unusual.

At about 10 AM I passed the Predators in Action cages containing grizzly bears, lions, wolves, and other large predators. The company raises and trains the exotic animals to perform on film and television. I thought it was rather sad to see them caged like that.

Also, I realized that I had covered 11 miles already, and it might be possible to make it to Big Bear today, rather than tomorrow.

At one trail junction I saw a sign inviting hikers to a trail angel's house called "Mama and Papa Smirfs".

By noon I could see ahead to Big Bear, and knew it would be possible to get there today.

A short time later, I came down the trail and found "Rasputin"! He was the friend who invited me for beers in Idyllwild. I thought he was several days ahead, but had stayed in town a couple of days. I invited him to come to Big Bear, but he didn't need to resupply.

We made it to highway 18 by 3:30. I called "Mama Smirf", and she picked me up within ten minutes.

They offered me a shower, laundry, a great place to sleep in a huge outside tent, and are going to feed me dinner and breakfast.

It is so nice to be clean wearing clean clothes. This is what it looks like from where I am sleeping:

Tomorrow they offered to take me into town to do my resupply shopping.

I have now made it to mile 266. I hiked 24 miles today.


  1. Oscar has enjoyed following you through the start of your journey. Oscar says, "that's a lot of hiking to do in 14 days!" Have fun out there--looks like beautiful & varied country you're trekking through!

  2. 24 is the best number besides 42! You ended at a great milestone!
    It is sad to see that caged bear. I hope they give it lots of cuddles.... Does a bear in captivity that gets a steady diet still hibernate? Curious... Probably do, huh?
    You might have already passed Sandy and MJ's place!! I think that you walked almost the entire length of my Full Commute! I ban barely stand to DRIVE that many miles!!!!!! Let alone WALK THEM!