Monday, May 18, 2015

Day 30 - Up to the Sky River Wind Farm

Friday, May 15

I begin my 7-day walk that will lead me to Kennedy Meadows, the start of the high Sierras. Early this morning, More Cowbell and I caught the local bus that took us to the trail at interstate 58. Also starting the trail today was "Lost and Found", who I had met several times in Tehachapi.

The forecast for today was cloudy skies but the clouds were scraping the mountains where we were headed. In addition, there was a strong cold wind whipping around us!

The trail switch backs up the mountain gaining 2,600 feet in 5 miles. As we neared the top we entered the clouds. For a time it was raining so we donned our rain gear.

The trail then drops down and follows a jeep road for about 4 miles. Although the rain had stopped by this time, the dust on the road had turned to sticky mud. As we walked, the mud built up under our shoes. It was like walking on elevated shoes.

Needless to say, it made walking difficult.

By mid-morning we reached the Sky River Ranch wind farm.

The wind turbines are situated along about 6 miles on the ridge line. They are an older style and smaller than the giant turbines we saw in the desert.

By 1:30 we reached Golden Oaks spring. There were two tiny trickles of water but enough to cook our lunch/dinner.

We then entered an area that had burned.

It will be many years before the forest is restored here.

By 5 PM we found camp sites in a grassy meadow under large trees.

The wind is very breezy and cold. I'm wearing almost all of my clothes and hope the tent doesn't blow down!

I am camped at PCT mile 593. The elevation is 5,042 feet.

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