Friday, May 8, 2015

Day 21 - Mt Baden Powell

Wednesday, May 6

I arose at 5:45 and took advantage of the shower in my room at Wrightwood one last time. At 7, I had breakfast at the Grizzly Cafe. I took a picture of the moving-blinking moose head.

I gathered my pack and got a ride back to the trail from the folks at the Pines Motel. At the trail head getting ready to start was "Lucky", who I met in Big Bear, and another fellow named "Cool Breeze".

I knew today was going to be a challenge because the trail climbed up from highway 2, Vincent Gap (elevation 6,667) to the top of Mt. Baden-Powell (elevation 9,406). The elevation gain takes place in just 3.7 miles.

Mount Baden-Powell is the fourth highest peak in the San Gabriel mountains. On the way up I could see the valleys to the west covered in clouds.

As I neared the top, I got to see a1500-year-old twisted limber pine. The tree is named the Wally Waldron Tree, in honor of a scout leader who popularized the trail.

This is a view of the trail to the top from the Wally Waldron tree.

Several minutes later I was on top. I signed the trail register and read the monument dedicated to scouting. There were a number of hikers on the top, including Katherine and Jillian, who I met way back at Barrel Springs. Here is a group picture taken at the top.

From the top of the mountain the trail followed the mountain ridges. At one of my breaks I took a selfie in front of gnarly old trees.

Almost everyone stopped at the Little Jimmy spring for water. It was 3:30, so I cooked my dinner.

The trail drops down to highway 2 again, and we decided to do a 5 mile road walk to the Buckhorn Campground. The campground is not on the PCT, but is part of an alternate route around the endangered frogs.

On the way we went through two tunnels.

We arrived at the campground at 6:30 and shared the cost of a campsite with water, a picnic table and a bear box. I set up my tent because there is a 20% chance of rain.

Buckhorn Campground is at elevation 6,626 feet. I'm currently not on the PCT as I am in the middle of the "endangered yellow frog" detour. It is in the 30's tonight. I estimate I walked 27 miles today.


  1. valoriezimmermanMay 8, 2015 at 7:27 AM

    Moose head is creepy! I'm typing on Rory's MacBook, in Hartford! It's supposed to be 82 today. How are your feet doing, Bob?

    Love and kisses, Valorie <3

  2. Hi Mom! Hi Colin! Hi Rory! (Thanks for letting my mom use your MacBook)

    That Wally tree looks so cool!

    27 miles, Dad! Yeah, like mom said "how are your feet?!"

    Love you, a

  3. Oh mom! It was 75 today and supposed to be warmer and clear all weekend! 😜