Saturday, June 27, 2015

Day 73 - Halfway

Saturday June 27

My goal today was to make it to the town of Chester in time to resupply for the next four days. The highway leading to Chester was just over twenty miles away. 

Willie and I were on the trail by 5:15, one of the earliest starts since we have been hiking together. Any earlier and we would have needed headlamps!

There were good views of Mt. Lassen.

The highlight of the day was reaching the halfway point on the trail. Willie and I gave ourselves "high fives".

When we reached the highway, we called "Pipers Mom", a local trail angel, for a ride into Chester. I gave her some money to cover the cost of gas. We got an enormous room at the Best Western.

We had lunch at a local cafe, bought supplies at the grocery store, and had dinner at the Copper Kettle. 

Our hiker friends, Caboose and Cut Finger, came over to celebrate being halfway. 

I currently am at PCT mile 1335.4. 


  1. Congratulations on reaching the halfway point- I hope the celebration matched the accomplishment! :)

  2. Nice to hear that you got the Belden box. 100F though! That is literally killer temperatures. Strength and stamina to you, a thousand times over. Love, Valorie

  3. I can't believe that you are over the half-way mark already, Bobby. You have been hiking SO FAST! I really really really hope you are taking the time to take it all in. Time is rushing by so quickly. Love you, Valorie