Thursday, June 4, 2015

Day 50 - Resupply at Mammoth Lakes

Thursday June 4

Although there was a possibility of rain last night, it didn't happen. There was a full moon that gave our camp an eerie light all night long. 

Willy and I got on the trail a little before six. We had a slight climb before the trail headed down towards Reds Meadow. The mountains in the morning light looked gorgeous.

After a few hours of hiking, we passed the 900 mile point.

As we approached Reds Meadow, there was an area with trees that had been through an intense wind storm. Most had been snapped off by the wind.

By 10:30 we reached Reds Meadow. Of course we headed to the cafe for breakfast!

We got a ride from Willy's friends to Mammoth Lake. We rented a room for two nights at Motel 6. 

We then went shopping. I bought a new pair of pants to replace the pair I tore during my fall. 

We got beer and pizza and watched the NBA basketball playoffs. 

It feels good to be in town, especially since the weather has turned rainy tonight. 

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  1. Hope that you're able to get some R&R in town. Enjoy the pizza and beer while you can get it!!!! :)