Monday, June 15, 2015

Day 55 - Two Passes & a River Crossing

Tuesday June 9

Kerrick Creek is one of the most dangerous creek crossings on the trail. The water is deep and fast. Our goal today was to make it to the creek and safely cross it. 

The morning was beautiful with blue skies and sunlight touching the mountain tops.

We had a long climb to Benson Pass at 10,094 feet. There was a large snowfield at the top.

I was not feeling well this morning, so the climb was a struggle. I felt "clammy hot" even while coming down from the pass. Poor Willy had to put up with my slow pace. 

The trail basically goes from one river drainage to the next. So we went up to Benson Pass, down to Plute Creek, up to Seavey Pass, and down to Kerrick Creek. We also had to wade across three creeks, which means wet feet most of the day. 

When we got to Kerrick Creek, we were both tired. Fortunately we picked a spot to cross that had some large boulders to steady ourselves, and we crossed without incident. 

There was a nice campsite near the river so we stopped for the day. It looks like it might rain tonight, so I am comfy in my tent. 

Gear review: Digital camera 
I purchased a touch-screen digital camera with 21 optical zoom. I could recharge it with my battery backup via a USB cable. I carried the camera in a pouch on my backpack waist strap. 

What I found was that it was much easier to use my iPhone, which I kept in my pants pocket. The pictures were more readily accessible for my blog and I didn't have to fool around with transferring photos from my camera to my phone. 

Midway through the desert, my digital camera started making odd beeping noises, even though it was turned off!  By the time I got to the Sierras, the camera battery had died. When I recharged it, the zoom lens malfunctioned. I decided to send it home along with my tripod. 

The digital camera took wonderful high resolution pictures. I probably would have done better with a more robust camera that could handle the rigors of day to day hiking. 

It remains to be seen if I am happy with the iPhone picture quality. All I know at this point is that the convenience of the iPhone is most important.  

I am camped at PCT mile 980.3. The elevation here is 7,913 feet. 

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