Saturday, August 8, 2015

Day 114 - Panther Creek

Friday August 7

As I sat resting alongside the trail, another through-hiker walked by and commented, "Wow, we sure aren't in Oregon anymore!" 

What she was referring to was the long climbs that we have faced since entering Washington. Today was a perfect example. I started hiking at 6, and had a 1,700 foot climb to the top of the ridge. That was in the first 3.5 miles. The trail then left the ridge and dropped to the Wind River and then to Panther Creek. From there the trail climbed 3,100 feet over 9 miles to the top of the next ridge. I spent over half of my hiking day trudging uphill! 

There were two very nice bridges, one over the Wind River and the other over Panther Creek.

The other problem with hiking up to the ridges is the availability of water. Above 2,200 feet. there has been no water. All of the streams are dry and there are no springs that I know of. Fortunately I carry enough water to get me to the next reliable source, but It would be so much easier if water was more plentiful. 

Most of today's hike was through mature forests. I really liked how the morning sunlight shone on the plants alongside the trail.

Later in the day, from the top of the ridge, I saw Mount Adams. I am getting closer every day.

By mid afternoon I found a campsite near a spring. That is a perfect combination for setting up my tent and fixing dinner!

I was able to start blogging by 5:30 and might get to sleep by 8. It is a warm evening but I have my down jacket handy as the evening cools. 

I am camped at PCT mile 2200.8. I hiked 25.7 miles today. The elevation here is 3,562 feet. 

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