Friday, August 7, 2015

Day 113 - Washington State!

Thursday August 6

I've had two nights with little sleep, but I awoke at 5 this morning. It was wonderful sleeping on a soft bed at Cody and Jenessa's. I packed up my backpack and got fresh water for my water bottles since the water in them was from a spring which had an odd smell. 

Jenessa fixed scrambled eggs with steak! Boy, I got a lot of protein this morning. The coffee was also heavenly!

It was so great to see my wife and I think everyone had a lot of fun last night. My wife is heading home this morning but will meet me again at Trout Lake with my resupply boxes. 

Cody drove me to the Bridge of the Gods. It is hard to believe that hikers are not run over while crossing the bridge since there is no shoulder or sidewalk.

I hit the trail at 9 AM. It is 82.8 miles to my next resupply. I need to average 19.5 miles per day in order to arrive by the end of the fourth day. If I walk a little more on each of the first three days, I can arrive by midday on the fourth day. 

I was telling Deb that every time the trail drops to a stream or river, it always goes up on the other side. The bigger the river, the bigger the climb. Guess what the trail did after crossing the Columbia River? It climbed from 216 feet to 3,450 feet in eleven miles!  I was elated when I reached the top.

From one viewpoint I could see Mount Hood. As the trail turned north, I could see Mount Adams, Mount Rainier and Mount Saint Helens. Mount Saint Helens always looks odd to me since there is no snowy top. Soon the trail will head northeast to travel near the base of Mount Adams. 

I felt sad this morning having to go separate ways from my wife as well a leaving the hospitality of good friends. I am glad this evening, however, because I hiked 20 miles today and I might just get to catch up on some lost sleep. 

I am camped tonight by a bubbling stream. A dove is "cooing" nearby as the sun sets over the hill. Life is good!

I am at PCT mile 2175.1. The elevation here is 1,511 feet. 

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