Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Day 119 - White Pass

Wednesday August 12

I slept really well at Hidden Springs, except I heard thunder towards Mount Rainier. As it turns out, there was rain, but none where I was camped. I arose shortly after 5 and was on the trail before 6. I had just under 8 miles to hike to the trail head. My wife planned to meet me at 9. 

I was hiking a trail that I had hiked last year. Halfway through my hike, I was looking to see if there were any deer or elk, because I had seen tracks on the trail. Suddenly, I heard the thunder of hooves on the hill above me. It was a herd of mountain goats!

I have always wanted to see them and now I have!

The sky is still filled with smoke from the Mount Adams fire. The sun shone red!

I arrived at the trail head at 8:40 and walked up to the Kracker Barrel store at White Pass. Valorie arrived within five minutes and we went for breakfast at the Kettle Restaurant in Enumclaw. I had an entire omelette! It was yummy!

At home, I had the normal town day activities. My wife did my laundry, I showered, and then organized my food. I am going to skip ahead to Snoqualmie Pass, since I have already hiked the section from White Pass to Snoqualmie Pass. 

My son took me to the store to get a few more snacks. I now have all my food for the next four days. 

For dinner, we went to the Black Diamond Pizza and Deli. My daughter met us there and we had a fantastic meal. At home, my daughter gave me a wonderful foot massage. My feet are in heaven! Thank you Anne and Thomas!

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