Saturday, August 1, 2015

Day 108 - Timberline Lodge

Saturday August 1

I know there are a few who will be upset that it only took me 3.5 days to hike 106 miles. In fact, I'm a bit surprised myself. I had allowed 5 days in my planning. 

However, there are a few reasons why it happened. First, there were a few areas where camping was not allowed. I would have stopped earlier but had to push on to get to a "legal" camping spot. Last night, I had to get to the last reliable water source in order to have enough water for the hike to the lodge. Also, the condition of the trail makes a huge difference in the number of miles covered each day. If the trail is rocky, it makes for slow going. If the trail is smooth, I can average over three miles per hour. For the most part, the trail from Big Lake Youth Camp has been fast. I have been able to get about 12 miles by 10 AM. By 1 PM I usually have 20 miles. If I hike another couple hours, I have 25 or more miles. It just happens. 

This morning I was on the trail by 5:30. I knew it was about 18 miles to Timberline Lodge. However, I also knew there was a long climb to get there, and a sandy uphill climb the last mile. As it turned out, it wasn't that difficult and I arrived at the lodge at noon. 

I did manage to get a picture of the  mountain when I was about ten miles away.

Also, I do take breaks, especially if it is hot or later in the day when I am tired. I was 2 miles from the lodge when I decided to take a break and drink more water. A lady named Marnie kindly took my photo.

On the steep uphill sandy portion of the trail, I was tantalized by the view of the lodge in the distance. I used the herringbone technique with my shoes to get better traction in the sand.

When I was walking down to the lodge, I saw a familiar face. It was Willie!  He was just getting back on the trail, having spent a zero day in Government Camp. He is doing really well now and will be at least two days ahead of me.

I got the last room a available at the lodge. It was really expensive, but there was an extra bed in the room if I could find someone to share it with. I spent all afternoon asking through-hikers if they wanted to share, but had no luck. In the mean time, I managed to have two lunches and a dinner! I finally feel full!

I also did my laundry. There was so little that I washed everything in the sink and hung it by the open window to dry. 

By dinner time, I saw a through hiker standing by the building. It was Tinker, a hiker I have met at several of my resupply points. I offered to share the room and he agreed to take it. At least a spare bed doesn't go unused!

I told my hiking buddy, Deb, that I had arrived early. She is coming tomorrow to camp at Clear Lake. Hopefully I can camp with them. I still plan to take Monday as a zero day, so hopefully my wife can join me before I leave again. I haven't seen her for over 100 days!

Deb also has my resupply box with my new shoes. My feet will really appreciate that! I likely will need to go to Government Camp to get a few snacks. 

I also called Cody, an old friend who wants to meet up with me. Tentatively we will get together when I arrive at Cascade Locks. 

It has been a busy day. The lodge is beautiful, and has many expensive restaurants. 

I am anxious to see my wife, Deb, and Cody & Jenessa!

I have reached (Guthook's) PCT mile 2107. Half-mile maps show me at 2094. The elevation here is 5,955 feet. 

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