Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Day 117 - Mt. Adams Wilderness

Monday August 10

Trout Lake was great, but it's time to get back on the trail. We left the motel at 5:30 and picked up "Cat" who was trying to hitch a ride. She said it was the earliest she had ever got a ride. I believe it, because it was just getting light. We got to the trail just before 6. 

The trail rose steadily, gaining 2,000 feet in 8 miles. Much of the time the trail wound through burnt trees. I even saw tape across several side trails which are still closed due to the forest fire a month ago.

There were several amazing views of Mount Adams. It was difficult to get a good picture because the sun was rising from behind the mountain.

From time to time I was also able to see Mount Saint Helens and Mount Rainier. 

One of the obstacles on the trail today were the little trees that bent down from overhead. I usually watch the trail to make sure I don't trip or twist my ankle. The little "bendy" trees have a sharp point that can catch your pack, shirt or head. A couple of times my pack got caught. Once one jabbed me in the arm!

I really liked walking through the alpine forest. The trees all have very short branches and there were many grassy meadows. I even saw a deer. I could tell that the meadows used to be filled with pretty flowers, but they have mostly gone to seed now. There were some pretty purple ones still in bloom.

In the early afternoon I met a lady named Carla who was hiking with her dog, Tank. Come to find out, she lives in Covington, just a few miles from my house!  She is doing a section hike from the Bridge of the Gods to Chinook Pass. It sure is a small world. 

My goal today was to hike far enough that I will get to the Goat Rocks by midday tomorrow. I don't want to get there late in the day and be hurried on the steep rocks. I hiked steadily from 6 AM until 4:30 PM. My feet are not happy about that!

I set up my tent and had just cooked my dinner when a thunderstorm hit. I tossed everything into the tent and ate dinner inside as the storm sent hail, lightening and rain. It lasted two hours. I sure hope there are no storm clouds tomorrow!

I am camped at PCT mile 2266.7. I hiked 29.6 miles today. The elevation here is 5,295 feet. 

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