Sunday, April 19, 2015

Day 3 - Epic Desert Hiking

Saturday, April 18

What a perfect day for hiking. I got on the trail before 6 AM and made good time. Patti, my hiking buddy, sent me a text as she and Debbie were on their walk. I surprised them by giving them a call and we chatted for a few minutes.

By 10 AM I had already made 11 miles. My feet are doing pretty well because I stop every 2 1/2 hours to clean them and change socks. I've seen a lot of people with really bad blisters.

From where I camped last night, the trail drops down 3,000 feet in the next 30 miles. That made the hiking really fun. The desert is in bloom everywhere. The cacti and desert flowers are amazing.

The major problem in this area is the availability of water. There is a listing of all the reliable water sources and everyone stops to fill up. I met up with a number of through hikers, but I seem to be a faster hiker than most so I haven't been hiking with a group yet. I think I'm a failure at my social skills!

At the last reliable water supply, there was a lot of talk about how to make it to the next water source. There's supposed to be a water cache about 22 miles away, but some wondered if there would be any water left. The next resupply is 32 miles away. I loaded up with 6 liters and headed down the trail. I finally found a campsite just as the sun was setting. This is the view as I "cowboy camp" for the first time.

I am camped at mile 75.3, just under 30 miles today!


  1. I see you ARE trying to catch up to the leaders! Crazy, man. Or should that be "crazy man"? Please remember to eat and drink water, and drink in the beauty around you too. Lovely photos. <3

  2. Wow! Dad, you are making my day of working look like I walked from the
    Living room to the bathroom in comparison. I'm still in awe of what you are doing and so jealous that you get to see the desert in full bloom! You are doing so great starting out with some GUSTO in your pocket! I love you, Daddy. If you happen to come to an area that is filled with super desert beauty, please try to capture the images with that great camera eye you have so we can see it too! I wouldn't worry too much about your socialability just yet, I'm sure in time your find the group that can keep up with you soon enough. I really wish I could be there with you (...maybe I'd need a trail scooter to keep up but it sure would be fun!) it looks so pretty and the whole adventure of it all. It's not just a long weekend out in nature. No, it's nearly a half YEAR out in the elements with nature and not many people these days will get to do what you have trained and worked so hard for. I am still amazed that you are out doing it. It's just so cool and majorly inspiring to not only me but everyone I tell about your trek! I'll stop rambling for today... But I do have great news!! The Mariners came back and beat the Texas Rangers at Safeco Field in the bottom of the 9th to take the series 2 games to one! At one point we were down four runs and it was just a crazy game as far as scoring. A total of 21 runs! (Mariners got their 11th run in the bottom of the 9th). 30 total hits by both teams (13 for Texas, 17 for Seattle) Well... Besides reading your update from the trail that was my excitement for the day 😉 I'll stop boring you with my baseball obsession and let you get back to nature and your journey. I love you Dad, miss you so much already! Looking forward to your next update.
    With love, your little A

  3. "Cowboy Camp?" Aren't there about 5 species of snakes where your are who might want to share your sleeping bag?

  4. Don't worry about the scorpions, they only come out at night. . :)