Saturday, April 25, 2015

Day 10 - Back to Idyllwild

Saturday, April 25

It rained most of the night during our stay at Hurley Creek campground. Due to the humidity, my sleeping bag was damp on top but still kept me toasty warm.

When it is raining, the challenge is to pack up as much as possible while in the tent and then to pack up the wet tent and carry it on the outside of the pack. That way the wet tent doesn't soak other items in the pack.

Here is our campsite as we packed up.

From the campground, our plan was to walk some trails and back roads until we arrived in Idyllwild.

Since the forecast for today was a 100 percent chance of rain, we wanted to stay indoors again. Gi-Hod was going to hitchhike back to town, so he volunteered to try to reserve beds in the cabin where we stayed a couple days ago.

Our walk back proceeded smoothly, although the wet plants along the trail soaked our pant legs. The trail joined the May Valley road, which was a dirt road that meandered through some of the burn areas that are closed. Occasionally the sky would clear just long enough to see Mt. San Jacinto, the mountain that we will be hiking on tomorrow.

We gained over 2,000 feet but arrived in Idyllwild before noon.

Gi-hod was successful in reserving beds for all of us. It was like coming home.

I set up my tent to dry outside and hung my sleeping bag inside to dry it off. Unfortunately it began to rain, so it brought my tent inside to dry by the heater.

At noon we all headed to the Red Kettle for lunch. By now it was really raining hard, and there is a high wind warning for the mountains. Everyone is so thankful that we are able to sleep inside tonight and had decided NOT to hike further today. The cabin is surrounded by puddles and rain is pounding on the roof.

Tonight we are having root beer floats. Everyone is checking their gear and getting ready.

Early tomorrow morning we head out back to the trail. Hopefully the worst of the weather is behind us now.


  1. Sorry for getting this posted so late. Bad timing today, as we had the annual Linuxfest party tonight, this year, sponsored by Microsoft! Will wonders ever cease. I'm glad you are enjoying your time even in the storm. <3

  2. So how did day eleven go with the elevation climb? How was the weather?
    Sounds like you've gained good friendships this first leg of your journey; how different are all of your schedules look like? Will you be leaving them in the dust or are there a few crazy fast pacers like you in your new friends?
    Last question and then I'll leave you alone and stop with the pestering questions.
    How has the first 150+ miles gone compared to what you were thinking they would be. How is that comparison? Just curious. I'm a little surprised that you are with a larger group, I imagined you meet people for a day and leave them to a dusty sunrise. I love that you get to let loose and go with what nature is gonna let you have. And I don't think I'd turn down many root beer floats in my day but plain ol' beer sounds much more satisfying after any kind of walking (be it walking to the car to go to the grocery store or walking 20+ miles in the Southern Californian desert.... I want straight up beers until I float 😉

    I love you Daddy,
    Little A
    (PS we took our VW (we are leasing) and had to get a new car since the 2012 lease is up and came home with a 2015 white Golf. Very pretty car, turbocharged engine but will STILL get near 40 miles per gallon even though it has the turbo charged engine. And it doesn't have to get a higher grade gas because of it either! Big plus!! I can really feel the extra gidden-up I'll take a picture and either text it to you or see if I can get something on here.

    Oh! One last thing, Dad! The Mariners beat the Texas Rangers 3-1 so we are still hanging in and right in the thick of everything! Gotta keep you updated 😉 Once again, I blabbed on and on but for real this time I'm saying goodnight (or good morning) depending upon when you read this. Again, again, again.... I LOVE YOU PAPA! Hope to have a new update soon! Stay safe and happy