Sunday, April 20, 2014

Spring Weather

Total Walking Miles (Monday 4/14 - Friday 4/18): 61.6
Total Training Miles Today (Saturday 4/19): 16.7

Saturday was a beautiful day for walking. The sky was blue. Mount Rainier was catching the morning light. Everyone arrived with their packs and trekking poles, except Patti who "forgot" hers at home.

Patti lead the way and we hiked out to Lake Sawyer and then up Ravensdale Creek. I just love the sound of the water as it cascades towards Lake Sawyer. The local Christian Church has been hiding Easter eggs with invitations to Easter Sunday service. Patti found one of the eggs.

At the log bridge, Patti pointed out a pretty flower that we had planted two years ago. She also tested out the log bridge with the recently repaired wire hand-hold. However, I decided that I was not comfortable enough walking a log with my 30 pound pack just yet. Why tempt fate?

We planted this beauty two years ago!
Patti checks out the log bridge with the recently replaced wire hand-hold. We decided not to cross.
 The forest looks so pretty with the green ferns, ground cover and mossy trees.
Deb and Patti

Patti and Deb near the steep downhill trail leading out to 288th street
 On the way back, the clouds were rolling in. I was able to snap this shot of Mount Rainier.
Dramatic view of Mount Rainier as the clouds gather.

Total Training Miles Today (Sunday, 4/20): Approx 15.6

It's Easter Sunday. And, it's NOT raining! Yesterday a big storm swept the area with rain and wind. I could hear the rain pelting the roof last night and I was worried it would be a rainy walk this morning. What a relief.

Patti decided NOT to walk today, so Deb and I donned our packs and headed towards Oak lake. On the way, we saw a large herd of elk in the field. They watched us for a few moments and then melted into the forest.
The elk watched us for a few moments before disappearing into the forest.

The Oak lake trail is flooded. The trail was under about four feet of water!

Oak lake is flooded! The trail around the lake is under at least four feet of water. Needless to say, we didn't try to bushwhack around it. We headed over to the Lake Sawyer park and then cut through the forest to the main trail. The forest was lovely, as usual, and we walked for almost exactly two hours.

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