Sunday, April 13, 2014

Catching my breath

I walked 17 miles yesterday. It's my second highest mileage and I feel good about it.

Patti and I decided to walk to the top of Palmer Peak. It was a beautiful morning with a few clouds glowing pink in the early light. Plus, this is one of the few places where we can be challenged with a little elevation gain.

We headed down after taking in the sunrise. I suggested that we cross over onto the trail that would lead to the toy stump. However, instead of going to the stump, we followed the old railroad tracks to the main trail, and then headed down towards Ravensdale Creek.

Debbie had told Patti that she had hidden lots of Easter eggs, and that they were EVERYWHERE. All we needed to do was look high and low. Well, we did. And we didn't find any until Patti found one along the road on the way back. For a good hour all we could do was remark, "Oh, they're everywhere!" I remarked that we must not be hiking on the "everywhere" trail.

There are lots of trillium growing in the forest. They are so pretty.

Because of our trek up Palmer Peak, we took about an extra twenty minutes for our walk.

On Sunday, we arrived fifteen minutes early (6:15) and headed out. Everyone had their packs and trekking poles. It was great. We saw a few elk on the road and looked for Easter eggs along the trails. Patti and I both found two of them. Mount Rainier was catching the morning light.

Mount Rainier in the early morning sunlight

The comment about hiding eggs everywhere meant that about fifteen eggs were hidden in total. Well, at least we found a few.

Sun rising over Cranberry Bog

Deb and Patti doing some up-hill walking

Pretty sunlight on the winding trail

Coming out of the woods to a grassy field

On our way back to the cars. Bud, Bridget & Patti

Mount Rainier looked lovely and the trails looked so inviting in the morning sunlight.

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