Sunday, March 30, 2014

Out of the rain

I added my food bag to my pack today. I am carrying 33.5 pounds now. It includes everything I will be carrying on my PCT attempt in 2016. We'll see if this spurs me to start looking how to lighten the load!

This morning it was just Deb, me and Bridget. 
That means, "crazy walk"!

Deb at the toy stump. Getting a bit trashy now.
Our first stop was at the "toy stump". The mountain bikers have left little trinkets and toys. But unfortunately, it has become somewhat trashy. 

The trail meanders through sword ferns & mossy trees.

Deb was leading today. She headed out in an area we usually don't walk much because the trails meander and circle too much. However, we did walk through some beautiful forest, with sword ferns and trees with their mossy coats.

Cranberry Bog
We ended up at Cranberry Bog. The water level is really high. We wondered how some of the trees could stay alive with their roots covered?

We crossed the main trail and ended up at the cross-roads area. It is a place where two trails cross. We always stop here and make piles of rocks. Sometimes we spin around inside the perimeter of the rock piles... for good luck, to gain positive energy from the cosmos? I'm sure that's what happens!

We followed Ravensdale creek back to the forest road and got back to the car. Our walk was just over two hours. The picture below shows the beauty of some of the trails we walk. Can you spot Bridget?
Moss, ferns, roots and spongy trail. Bridget is saying, "come on guys, look what's up here!"

My legs and feet are feeling the extra pack weight today. But, I feel good. I am sure glad I am training with this pack weight. I can't imagine starting on a long backpacking trip having not carried the weight. It would be brutal.

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