Saturday, March 29, 2014

Back in the rain

I hate starting off on a hike while upset. My truck is acting up and took several minutes to get started. So I arrived in a bad mood and it just seemed to carry forward on our walk. 

It was light enough to walk without headlamps, so we made good time getting to Lake Sawyer. We met a man walking his dog and listened to the geese squawking out on the lake.

Debbie at Lake Sawyer. Lots of geese this morning.
We followed the trail that goes along the east side of Ravensdale creek. I lagged back, feeling a bit tired. As it turns out, Debbie was walking a bit more quickly this morning, so maybe it wasn't just me.We finally stopped at the top of the ravine, because I mentioned that I was way too hot with my coat on. 

I took the opportunity to try out my SticPic, making the comment that it seemed to take hours to simply take off my coat and put it in my pack. I really feel like a "newbie" in how I handle packing my things. I'm sure it will get better over time.

Of course, as soon as we all changed out of our coats, it started to rain. We stopped about ten minutes later and put our coats back on. The rain continued for the rest of our hike.

Patti is going to a movie tomorrow morning, so it will be just Deb & I. Debbie wants to go on a crazy hike, which means that we will take trails that we normally don't travel. Rain is in the forecast for tomorrow, so it might be a soggy walk.

Patti (in the red coat), bud, and Debbie head down the trail in the rain

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