Tuesday, November 25, 2014

5 Months before start - Training, researching, worrying

I just realized today that it is about five months before I will be starting my adventure on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Five months.
It is both a long time and a short time away.

It's been a long time preparing my body.
I have been walking EVERY DAY for the last seven years.
Walking before work.
Walking during my lunch break.
Walking on weekends and on holidays and vacations.
Walking up steps, hills and along wooded trails.

Enchanted sun rise out on the trail

The trail around Oak Lake as the sun rises.

This year, I have averaged 14 miles per day; half the distance of a good day on the trail.
I am happy with my progress.

This morning I followed my normal weekend "walking routine":
I arose early (very early) and walked on the treadmill for two hours.
I set the speed at 3.7 miles per hour on a slope of six degrees.
By the end of my work out, I am drenched with sweat.

I take a short break and remove my shoes and socks.
My feet feel hot to the touch!

After my feet cool off, I put on a new pair of socks and switch to my trail runners.
I grab my pack and hiking poles and head out to meet my walking buddies.
I am fortunate to have friends who like to walk on weekends, rain or shine.
We meet just as it gets light and head for the trails near Lake Sawyer.
My walking buddies have a good pace, and we cover just over six miles in the next two hours.

By 9 AM I will have walked my fourteen miles.

The trail was flooded this morning. I am getting used to walking in wet shoes.

But five months until the start of my PCT hike is a short time as well.

I still need to get the rest of my gear: a light-weight warm jacket, rain pants, and windbreaker.
I need to decide where my resupply towns will be.
I need to determine where to send food, and where to buy it.
I need to decide on my start date.
I need to get food and pack / label boxes.

There are permits to obtain, a plane ticket to buy, and lists / reminders to make.
I need to have my wife take over paying the bills and helping with my blog.

So many things yet to do.

Five months.


  1. I'm excited for your journey. It will begin before you know it!

  2. I am SO impressed! What a cool experience. It takes a strong mind to complete such a journey. Good for you Bob. I look forward to following your Blog. What a perfect retirement present to yourself! ENJOY! Tama Rushin