Sunday, June 15, 2014

Building Momentum

Total Miles walked today (6/15): about 15.2

The walking buddies are back together again! Hip, hip, hooray!
It has been a long time since all three of us walked together, and it felt good.
I love hearing all of the conversation again, and the stories, and funny comments about life.

It put a smile on my face and a bounce in my stride.

Patti had on her new hiking boots, and everyone arrived with full packs, all their gear and a lot of enthusiasm. If someone was watching us, I suspect they'd think we were out for a long trip into the back country!

Debbie told us about a hike she took last week up to Taylor Mountain, which is located between Hobart and highway 18. I will probably make this one of my exploratory day hikes in the near future.

Patti asked what my plans were for the Pacific Crest Trail hike, since I had been hinting that I might move it forward a year. Previously I had said that I would try it in 2016, but with all the training and preparation, I think I will be ready next year. So, 2015 it is.

Of course, that spawned a lot of conversation. Patti and Debbie both want to hike a portion of the trail with me. However, it now hinges on where I will be on the trail. They suggested perhaps walking with me northward from the Bridge of the Gods, but that would mean hiking sometime around the first week in September. The weather in Washington in September can often turn rainy. Patti suggested walking from Stehekin to Canada, which would be fun, but it would take at least five days, and the weather could be a real factor. I suggested that perhaps they meet me somewhere in Oregon, so that we could hike during the month of August. That seemed to be the best suggestion, but they wondered how they would get down there (say, to Crater Lake). Perhaps Valorie would be willing to shuttle them there and do a road trip as we made our way north?

Our walk today was up the main trail that follows the old railroad track.
Hiking up the main trail near Lake Sawyer
We then headed up the "big" hill. The hill is not really big, but it is one of the few areas on our walk that gets our hearts pumping. I then took everyone along a trail that I walked yesterday. Patti was completely turned around; Debbie, I think, was pleased to be walking a different path for a change.

Patti and Debbie with all their gear.
 The weather was cloudy at the start of our walk, but then turned misty.
Low clouds and mist filled the air. Bridget didn't even seem to notice!
As I headed home from our walk, I thought, gee, I have a lot of planning to do!
I need to figure out where to send myself food, how much will I need, get boxes, and actually start putting this plan in motion. It seems early, but actually it is less than eleven months before I start!

I am building momentum toward a great adventure!

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